Tidings from the Houdini Magical Hall of Fame

By Tom Interval

Tidings Houdini Hall of Fame Newsletter

Tidings Houdini Hall of Fame Newsletter

The Niagara Falls-based Houdini Magical Hall of Fame (1968-1995) started a  magic club called The Houdini Magical Fraternity. Members would receive promotional discounts and the monthly Fraternity newsletter, Tidings. If you’ve never heard of Tidings, check out the photo to the right, which shows a few issues in one of the glass cases at the museum. If you’re interested in reading some complete issues, I’ve posted seven of them (the only ones I own) in the Tidings album of the new Hall of Fame Facebook page I recently launched. Unfortunately, the newsletter did not publish news exclusively about Houdini and the goings-on at the museum, but it offers some interesting reading and nostalgia, especially if you’re old enough to remember or have visited the attraction. To see a preview page, scroll down. Also, be sure to check out my other two posts about the Hall of Fame: Houdini Magical Hall of Fame Facebook Page and Houdini Magical Hall of Fame Footage from 1994.

Tidings Preview Page:

Tidings Newsletter

Tom Interval

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