Leo’s Connecticut Mansion 360-degree Picture

Harry Houdini’s Brother Leo Owned This Connecticut Mansion
By Tom Interval

Are you a Houdini geek? A Connecticut history buff? No? Then the video below probably isn’t for you. It might sound kinda silly, but Houdini enthusiasts like me want to travel back in time to meet the legendary magician and escape artist himself. Of course we can’t do that since we don’t have a time machine, but the next-best thing is to visit in person or virtually different places Houdini has been. Read more →

* * * * *
For those who follow this blog, thank you so much for doing that! I’m not closing it down or anything, but I’ve decided, for now, to start posting everything related to magic and Houdini on my Interval Magic blog. Why? Time has been a bit tight lately, and I want to post everything in one place. But rest assured I’ll post links here to my Houdini material, so you can continue to follow this blog. And I might decide to post full articles here again in the future. Thanks again.

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