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Houdini Auction: Potter & Potter, Aug. 23, 2014

By Tom Interval In case you don’t already know, Potter & Potter is having a Houdini auction on Sat., Aug. 23, 10 a.m., in its Chicago gallery. If you live in Chicago, you can preview some of the items in the days … Continue reading

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Bess Houdini with Mirror Cuffs and Houdini Bust

Here’s a magnificent photo of Bess Houdini I recently found on an auction website (below). The glittering goodies on the table include some pretty recognizable stuff. such as the original bronze Houdini bust, the legendary Mirror Cuffs, and the Hamilton & … Continue reading

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‘Harry Harry don’t go’: The Final Moments of Houdini’s Life

By Tom Interval Listen to/watch this blog entry in video format → Magicians the world over have heard of magic historian and author Edwin A. Dawes. But there’s another Edwin A. whose role in the history of magic and Houdini … Continue reading

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