Houdini in The New York Times

houdinimuseumcapA sea of hats floods the streets of Times Square in New York. Surrounded by thousands of other people, you feel pure kinetic energy all around you.

The guy next to you picks your pocket, but you don’t notice because your eyes are riveted on Harry Houdini, internationally renowned magician and self-liberator, who is suspended upside-down high above the crowd, wriggling his way out of a straitjacket.

A reporter from The New York Times also is in the crowd, covering the spectacular feat. Of course, the newspaper is always there, recording virtually every phase of Houdini’s life as it unfolds.

At the Houdini in The New York Times website, you can read about Houdini’s exploits through the eyes of the Times as the news occurred, taking with you some history, myth, and nostalgia about the legendary entertainer. To begin the journey, go to www.houdinimuseum.org.

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