Kaleidoscope: Houdini, 1960s Radio Show

By Tom Interval

Ever heard of the 1960s radio show Kaleidoscope? Created and hosted by WJR Detroit radio personality Mike Whorf, the show, which received a George Foster Peabody award in 1968, offered a “skillful blend of recorded music and dramatic narrative usually devoted to Americana—past, present and future,” according to one of its old program schedules.

Sometime probably in the late 1960s, Kaleidoscope devoted an episode to Houdini. While the feature was not a comprehensive biography about the master mystifier, it offered some facts (and some inaccuracies) about Houdini’s career and his wife Bess’s experiences with Arthur Ford and other so-called spiritualists of the time.

After getting permission from the copyright holder, Loyola Productions in Culver City, California, I created the following video, which includes the entire Houdini Kaleidoscope episode with some related Houdini photos.

Hope you enjoy!


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2 Responses to Kaleidoscope: Houdini, 1960s Radio Show

  1. Holy cats! This is awesome. I have a listen when I get home. Nice work.

  2. Houdini says:

    Thanks, John! I enjoyed putting it together and wondered if anyone remembers hearing it back in the day.

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