Houdini Room at Copperfield’s Musha Cay

By Tom Interval

I was browsing YouTube tonight and came across a promotional video for Musha Cay, an island in the southern Bahamas owned by illusionist David Copperfield.

During the video, I was surprised and pleased to see that one of the buildings at the resort—The Landings— houses a Houdini room featuring original memorabilia including a very familiar Houdini bust, handcuffs, posters, photos, and a billiards table supposedly owned by the legendary escapologist. And, according to several media sources, including a recent Playboy article, there’s part of a water torture cell on display.

Here are a couple of promo pictures of the room. I’d snap some photos myself, but I can’t exactly afford the $39,000 per day it would cost me to vacation there. Maybe one of you wealthy hedonists out there can take some photos for me or treat me and my girlfriend to a well-deserved trip (*wink* *wink*).



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